Global Workplace Research for Steelcase : A Cultural Point of View on Indian Market Opportunities

Title image, TV and media production company, Mumbai, India.
Photo by Shaun Fynn

STUDIOFYNN recently completed a major research program to identify Indian market opportunities for Steelcase WorkSpace Futures. The objective of the study was to identify cultural indicators, patterns, behaviors and markers that are unique to the Indian context around which business and design strategy can be formulated.

India is a relatively unexplored territory for multi national contract furniture companies, it is estmated their combined offerings may capture less than 2% of the market.

STUDIOFYNN was tasked with connecting with the emerging trends and cultural currents relating to work practice and how this manifests in the work place. Key shifts were identified based on in depth field analysis and documentary of working environments.  The macro (socio economic) and micro factors (pertaining to work practice in the work environment) were studied and how a combination of these factors influences the current work practice and the anticipated evolution of work practice.

Value propositions established in the home market do not always translate into different cultures and new markets. 

A wide variety of work domains were studied across differing geographical contexts to ensure the complexities and depth of regional and cultural difference were embraced. Primary and secondary research techniques were used to ascertain a rich data pool.

Varying stages of awareness to workplace issues creates strong drivers for new product and service solutions.

Using the design thinking process the observations and documentary were synthesized to define opportunity frameworks and new market segments. This provided the platform to move forward with an actionable business and design strategy tailored to a highly important and emerging market in the Asia Pacific region.