The Future Vision for Furnishing the Home : For Flexsteel

Photo: Shaun Fynn

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought both crisis and opportunity to many businesses, the key to successfully navigating these unprecedented times is to understand how to realign business focus and strategy to address the future that has arrived early. Across many industries the market needs that we thought were a decade away are here today forcing a strategic 'fast forward' to remain competitive.

Through our in-depth processes of primary research (ethnography) and secondary research we built a framework and roadmap around key areas such as the impact of technology, urban densities and disparities in housing sizes, the Gig economy, generational factors and product and brand opportunities. The results of our work provided deep insight specifically tailored to Flexsteel's brand and market position along with detailed strategic responses and actions.

StudioFYNN has been an invaluable partner for many clients to help build visions for long term success. Our work for Flexsteel uncovered many trends and shifts occuring in the home furnishings market that became amplified by the pandemic.