Mono Chair for Driade

Essential Expressions, The Value of Reduction.

The Mono chair for Driade was inspired by the spirit of mid century modernism and the noble pursuit of low cost admirably described by Charles Eames as ‘the best for the most for the least’

Designed as a low cost mass-produced stacking plastic chair for indoor and outdoor use in both residential and contract markets. The design balances a pragmatic approach to manufacture with an iconographic and expressive form.

The chairs usage is considered more occasional as opposed to task therefore the form accommodates seating positions that are more relaxed and varied and well suited also to the café or patio environment. The continuous form that runs from the elbow rest to the seat back facilitates varied seating positions and the enclosed shell type form provides greater comfort.  The angled profile also allows the chair to be placed easily under a table.

The design consists of a one-piece plastic shell with a steel leg structure.  The shell is moulded with an innovative and proprietary new process using injection moulded expanded polypropylene in low cost aluminium moulds.  In simple terms this process facilitates the use of thicker walls with integral structure therefore avoiding the necessity of structural reinforcement such as ribs and flanges.

Services and deliverables;

Concept, industrial design, 3D CAD