E1120 Mobile Phone for Motorola

The E1120 mobile phone is the result of one of FYNN’s many collaborations with Motorola. FYNN has collaborated with the Motorola Consumer Experience group on a wide range of projects from visual design language and strategy to products for developed and emerging markets.  

As technology evolves and functionality increases the challenge becomes how to integrate the higher capacity for features and services within the limited scale of the mobile phone. The challenge is amplified in emerging markets where touch screen devices generally remain out of consumer reach due to price point factors. Therefore, the conventional phone architecture still prevails in these regions.

The small form factor requirement and large screen drives the innovative solution to use the sides of screen as physical touch points and interaction zones. This solution also facilitates the use of the device in either portrait or landscape mode during image capture or share.

The design language evokes the Motorola ‘pebble’ design language.