Computer Server for Panda

Thinking Differently

A historical piece in the context of today’s technologies but still worth a mention.

Designed in 1994 when the design language of the computer was still represented by the beige box and the concept of ‘business machine’. The design language and vocabulary of the server was a deliberate reaction to the notion that the computer is solely a ‘business machine’ and the intent was to reassess the context of where technology is used and the design language by which it is expressed

The server addressed the fact that technology was migrating form a solely business context into consumer environments. Technology and computers of the time had little visual connection or compliment to the environments in which they were placed or the creative aspirations of those who used them.

The server contained many advanced and proprietary technologies that required a design expression that distinguished the brand and created a statement and advertisement for the innovation within. 

Released into the market some years before the translucent colour palettes became part of the Apple vocabulary or the expressive form language of SGI and Acer became a market norm.

Photography by Terry Sutherland