Binders for Wilson Jones

Replacing PVC

The objective of this project was to provide a sustainable solution and replace the PVC material group in binder design and applications due to the negative environmental impact of these materials. 

PVC binders are often used in combination with other structural materials making the different materials difficult to separate for the recycling process. The designs are a response to this situation by focusing on single material solutions and to current and anticipated global legislation regarding the use of materials.

The intention was therefore to explore the use of more sustainable and recyclable material groups. Initial research explored a wide range of materials from recycled paper and plastic products to alternate materials sources from diverse industries on a global level. Polypropylene materials were chosen for the final production articles due to the ability to achieve recyclable, aesthetically pleasing, elegant and structural solutions from one material group.

Services and deliverables;

Ideation, material research, concept, industrial design